2021 Big Button Buyer


We Have Big Buttons, And Cannot Lie.

Each year, since 1967, we design a button to represent the season. What season you ask?! IRISH season, of course! Each year we host the greatest parade in the nation in St. Paul, Minnesota – and button sales go towards funding this celebratory event of our Irish heritage and spirit. These buttons have also served as a fun memorabilia to a longstanding tradition and one which has been passed down through many generations.

Although some of our events have had to tweak just a wee bit, we have worked hard to maintain some of our traditions in a socially safe and responsible way. The Big Button Auction was just such an event, which took place on January 27, 2021 at the location of our 2021 buyer and Emerald Level Sponsor – The Lab.

Miss Shamrock, Zophia Raleigh, oh-so-royally awards this years buyer, owner and founder Janet Johanson, alongside Mr. Pat – Peter “Pandemic Pat” Kenefick. This button is sure to be one to remember. Get yours today! Proceed go to funding our MASK-arade Drive Thru Celebration among other St. Patrick’s Association events and donations to local charities.