2022 Miss Shamrock Application

Deadline to Apply Ends January 19th, 2022

All fields must be completed

There are two steps to the application: Full completion of the online application and submission of payment.
1. You must complete the online application and hit submit at the bottom of the form.
2. The $25 application fee can be submitted through PayPal (click the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this application page, or through the mail).

The Application:

Provide your employers name
Provide your job title
Irish Heritage: What connection do you and your family have to Ireland?
Accomplishments: List any accomplishments, positions of leadership, or extracurricular activities of which you are particularly proud
Self-Evaluation: What qualities do you have that would make a great Miss Shamrock?
How did you hear about Miss Shamrock? (Please be as specific as possible: Paper, Poster, Word of Mouth etc.)

The Payment Details:

To make an electronic payment

Once you have submitted your application above, click on the button below to submit your $25.00 payment via PayPal

To make a payment by mail…

Once you have submitted your application above, you may send a check payable to “St. Patrick’s Association – Miss Shamrock” and mail it to the below:

St. Patrick’s Association
c/o Miss Shamrock Committee
P.O. Box 5033
St. Paul, MN 55101

We can’t wait to see who becomes our next Miss Shamrock! May the luck of the Irish be with each and every one of you.


Questions regarding the application process? Please contact Shellie Pearson: Shelliepearson35@gmail.com