You may have seen our lot a time or two galivanting amongst the streets-o-Saint Paul selling buttons at various drinking and celebratory establishments. To be safe, we won’t be hitting the streets this year. But nay ye worry, we are still selling our 2021 button among other excitingly Irish swag. All proceeds of button sales have gone towards funding the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (also known this year as our MASK-arade Irish Drive Thru Celebration) as well as with local charities. A tradition since 1967, our buttons have been a signature representation of each Irish season and with the year we’ve had, is surely one you don’t want to miss out on as a memorable addition to your collection!

There are several different ways for you to showcase some Irish flair this year. In lieu of winning a trip to Ireland, we will instead be offering an opportunity to win a cash prize of $1,500. 

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We may have bad weather in Ireland (uh-hem, AND Minnesota), but the sun shines in the hearts of the people and that keeps us all warm.


We are no longer selling buttons for the 2021 season.

Stay tuned to our next button reveal in 2022!

You can still shamROCK your Irish pride with our masks, available for purchase NOW and available in white and black.

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