Dignitaries 1981-1990


Saint Patrick’s Association Dignitaries 1981-1990

We have many dignitaries who are chosen annually and ride in the parade including Mr. Pat, Miss Shamrock, the Distinguished Irish Woman, the Grand Marshal, the Celebrity Grand Marshal, and the Honorary Irish Person. We know the public is excited to see them and we thank them for generously donating their time!  

1981 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: E.L. (Bud) Murphy

Miss Shamrock: Peggy O’Connell

1982 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: Gerald Donovan

1983 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: John Turner

Miss Shamrock: Shannon Cassidy Rusk

1984 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: Tom Doar, Jr.

Miss Shamrock: Kathy Flanagan Anderson

1985 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: M.J. (Mike) Galvin, Jr.

Miss Shamrock: Shannon McLaughlin Bins

1986 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: Dr. Louis Flynn

Miss Shamrock: Kathleen Casey Archambeau

1987 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: John Connelly

Miss Shamrock: Dawn O’Malley

1988 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: Don Ryan

Miss Shamrock: Ann Westerberg Conrad

1989 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: Pat O’Halloran, Sr.

Miss Shamrock: Kelly Connelly Welch

1990 Dignitaries

Mr. Pat: Richard Rowan

Miss Shamrock: Megan Monohan Brown