Have a Parade Question?

St. Patrick’s Day Parade


  • Will there be a parade this year?
    • Yes! Well, kinda sorta. We will absolutely be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but to ensure the safety of all participating and the community at large, it will look a bit different. This year we will be hosting a drive-thru celebration in the old Sears Building parking lot (425 Rice St., St. Paul, MN 55103). Sign up to secure your spot to drive-thru a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day full of plenty of Irish cheer and all of our dignitaries, including Miss Shamrock and Mr. Pat 2020/2021. Click here to sign up. DEADLINE TO APPLY: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 **We have reach maximum capacity and are no longer accepting applications. Please check us out from home on social media as we Facebook LIVE from the event. 
    • Huh?! Drive-thru celebration? So…Not a parade? What are you talking about?
      • I know, stay with us here! We promise.
      • You may be familiar with how a parade typically works. Bystanders line up alongside a road, and oodles of festively decorated vehicles, people, doggies and more march down those bystander-lined streets and everyone is happy and joyous!
      • But close together. Way…too…close. And well, #CovidSafety.
      • So! We are changing things up a bit. Think of this as a “reverse-parade” if you will. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, the bystanders will instead be the participants! The celebration elements (those who usually parade down the road) will be stationary on-site, and the “parade-goers” aka former-bystanders will be the people on the move, driving through the experience.  
  • Where will the parade take place?
  • We will be collecting non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies at the event. 
  • How can my family and I “watch” the parade?  * We have reached maximum capacity and are no longer accepting applications. 
    • There are 2-ways to view and experience this year’s celebration:
      • OPTION 1: Drive-thru spot are full. Register your vehicle to drive-thru and experience the celebration here. As a “reverse parade,” you will be able to drive-thru and see many of our usual parade units along the route. Each form submission allows for one vehicle entry. If you plan to have multiple vehicles drive through, please submit your information for each vehicle. Due to COVID-19, there are only 150 spots available and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.No entry will be permitted (vehicle or persons) unless you have pre-registered and received confirmation from the St. Patrick’s Association to attend. 
      • OPTION 2: We will be going Live on Facebook on March 17th. Our broadcast to include interviews and close up views of all our stationary units. Follow us on social media to watch! Follow @stpatsmn on Facebook & Instagram to get notified any time the St. Patrick’s Association go live.
  • Can my clan or business be in the “parade”?
    • To comply with COVID-19 safety measures, clans will only be allowed to drive through the parade. You can sign up for your spot here. As for businesses, only our corporate sponsors are eligible to participate in the event as stationery units. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, click here.
  • How much does it cost to attend your event?
    • As always, our parade drive-thru celebration is FREE to attend.  ** We have reached maximum capacity and are no longer accepting applications at this time. 
  • Will there be food and drinks at this event? 
    • In order to keep everyone safe and mitigate risk, there will not be any food or drink available at our event. Feel free to bring along your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy in your vehicles while you wait and cruise through our lineup of Irish cheer! Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • What COVID-19 precautions and safety measures are you taking?
    • Masks will be worn and social distancing will be practiced throughout the entirety of the event as recommended by CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved in this celebration. All stationary units will stay within their socially distanced section of the event. No walking between groups, with the exception of a few event coordinators, will be allowed.

    • All Drive-Thru participants must remain inside their vehicle (car, truck, SUV) at all times. If you dare to brave the chilly great northern air with an open air vehicle or have your windows rolled down, then all occupants of your vehicle must be wearing a mask. No walking will be permitted.

    • As another precaution, we are also limiting the number of drive-thru participants to  a maximum of 150 vehicles. This will be determined on a first come, first served basis.  ** We have reached maximum capacity and are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your support and please be sure to check us out from home on social media as we will be hosting a Facebook LIVE from the event. 

If you have any more questions regarding this event, please reach out and we will be happy to answer them. We appreciate all of the patience and support as we navigate in planning a very new, yet dare we say exciting, St. Patrick’s Day event!

Email us at: parade.stpatsmn@gmail.com