Miss Shamrock Coronation

Last night in St. Paul, (actually, Maplewood,) there were tons of nerves and butterflies as 6 fabulous ladies waited patiently to find out which one would be crowned Miss Shamrock.  At the end, only one could hold the title, but all 6 were worthy.  As the crown passed over each of their heads, I am sure that time froze for each one of the ladies.  In the end, Miss Shamrock 2018, Genny Duffy, in her final duty of her reign, put the crown on the head of Hannah Peter, much to her surprise!  Hannah was congratulated by family, friends, and association members.  Hannah will make her first public appearance as Miss Shamrock 2019, tonight at O’Mancini’s for the World’s Worst Irish Tenor Contest beginning at 7PM!  Bring your earplugs…you will need them!!!