Reserve Your Spot in the 2021 Irish Mask-arade: A Drive-Thru St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Same Irish Spirit, New Way to Celebrate – Join Us!


This drive-thru, socially distant, celebration is FREE and will take place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 12:00 noon CST at ye ‘ol Sears building: 425 Rice St., St. Paul, MN 55103

2021 Irish Mask-arade: A St. Patrick’s Day Drive-Thru Celebration. Sign up to secure your spot by February 17, 2021.

“Spring” in Minnesota and St. Patrick’s Day? We can think of no better reason to take to the streets of St. Paul (safely) and celebrate a most joyous day-‘o luck, heritage, family and community.  Although this year may look a wee bit different, we can assure you that we will still deliver a heaping pot of Irish spirit and cheer. If you are interested in registering your vehicle to participate in the 2021 Irish Mask-arade drive-thru celebration, please complete this application to secure your spot. All applications need to be submitted electronically only. Any applications mailed in will not be accepted. Each vehicle requires its own application.

We have a few things we want to be sure you know before you complete your application. Then we promise to get to the fun stuff – because we’re Irish after all!

COVID-19 Considerations.  There is still much unknown when looking ahead to what 2021 will bring us. To ensure the safety of the public and those participating, we will be setting a participation cap to 150-cars maximum. This will be determined on a first come, first served basis. Masks will be worn and social distancing will be practiced throughout the entirety of the event as recommended by CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved in this celebration. 
Those vehicles driving through the celebration will observe Irish spirit on display, including: 2020/2021 Miss Shamrock and Mr. Pat, 2021 Irish Dignitaries, Grand Marshals, St. Patrick’s Association members, Corporate Sponsors as well as Irish entertainment to include Irish dancers, bagpipes and music*. (* Subject to change)
Vehicles.  All participants must remain inside their vehicle (car, truck, SUV) at all times. If you dare to brave the chilly great northern air with an open air vehicle (convertible, pickup bed) then all participants must wear a mask, no walking or trailers will be permitted. Each vehicle will require its own entry application to secure a spot. 
Cash Prize. There will be cash prize of $100 for the winning vehicle in each category. As part of the application process, each entry can select up to 2-(two) categories for which your group will be judged upon. Following the parade, winners will be contacted by a member of the St. Patrick’s Association by email to redeem prize.
Winning Vehicles. Pictures will be taken of each vehicle and uploaded to  Pictures of the winning vehicles will be posted on social media.
Selecting Time Slots. Each applicant must select their top three time slot choices; you will not be able to enter the drive -thru celebration until it is within your time slot. You will receive a confirmation email with your assigned time slot. The assignment of time slots is on a first come, first served basis.
Participation Fees. We have all overcome so much over the course of 2020. 
As many know, we were unable to hold our annual parade as precautionary measures to keep our community safe. In looking ahead to 2021, we want to do all we can to bring as much cheer to the new year as safely as we can. As part of this years application process, we will be waiving our application fees to participate.
The Route: All approved vehicles should plan to arrive at their designated time slot as communicated to them by the SPA. The orange line illustrates the route that all approved vehicles will follow throughout the celebration while onsite. There will be one entry point and one exit point. The green dots surrounding the driving route showcase the socially distant positioning of all Irish cheer elements as outlined within the “COVID-19 Considerations” paragraph above.
Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2021 Irish Mask-arade Drive-Thru St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Ok, now onto the good stuff. Please fill out the application in full, then we will be in touch with your designated time slot information. 

No person shall, upon the public streets, lanes, or alleys of said City,
or being a trespasser upon the private premises of another,
drink beer or other intoxicating beverages.
The Association permits no political signs or advertisements, no selling,
giving, or throwing of objects, articles, candies, etc. by parade participants.
No person marching in the parade shall be permitted to carry or display
or cause to be displayed any sign or other material which identifies him or her
as a candidate for any elected or appointed office,
or which advocates any position on any topic of public debate.
No person marching in the parade shall distribute any printed advertisement
or other material during or immediately before or after the parade,
except St Patrick’s Day Buttons. Persons who violate this provision
will not be permitted to participate and may be removed from the parade
at the direction of the Parade Director or any member of the Association.
This will be strictly enforced.