Saint Patrick’s Day Rules and Regulations


Where does the parade run? 


In order to make the parade a safe and fun event for everyone, we ask that the following rules and regulations be followed. 

TIME: The parade will commence precisely at noon regardless of weather.

ASSEMBLY AREA: All marching units must be in place by 11:45 a.m. – See Map or your email confirmation. Unit # signs will be posted. Please line up adjacent to your number and remain there until the parade begins to move.

PARADE ROUTE:  Parade travels east to west along 5th Street beginning at Broadway. Parade will wrap around Rice Park turning south on Washington and east on 4th Street.Dispersal area will be on 4th Street between Market Street and St Peter. Viewing area on 5th Street between Sibley Street and Washington Street and around Rice Park.

The parade assembly area and route will be policed by the St. Paul Police Department, and Special Parade Marshal’s.  Please observe the instructions given to you by these people.  Only approved vehicles will be accepted.  They must be registered with the parade committee.  No trucks, vans, flat beds, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles are allowed.  Baby carriages and novelty pulled units are acceptable.

All organized units are required to provide their own signage and banners clearly identifying their line up number which guarantees your placement.  No silly string or foreign items can be used or thrown which could result in injury or littering.  Use of these materials will result in immediate dismissal from the parade.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ordinance 438.07 – DRINKING ON STREETS. No person shall, upon the public streets, lanes, or alleys of said City, or being a trespasser upon the private premises of another, drink beer or other intoxicating beverages.

The St. Patrick’s Association, Inc. permits no political signs or advertisements, no selling, giving or throwing of objects, articles, candies, etc. by parade participants.

No person marching in the parade shall be permitted to carry or display or cause to be displayed any sign or other material which identifies him or her as a candidate for any elected or appointed office, or which advocates any position on any topic of public debate. No person marching in the parade shall distribute any printed advertisement or other material during or immediately before or after the parade, except St. Patrick’s Day buttons.

Persons who violate this provision will not be permitted to participate and may be removed from the parade at the direction of the Parade Director or any member of the Association. This will be strictly enforced