Sunday, March 10th 2019

Many of us woke up this Nursing Home Tour morning to some very sad news.  Chuck Mitch who was our Mr. Pat 2005, had passed away.  While we all prepared for Nursing Home Tour, there was an element of sadness in the air.  We spent the day visiting Sholom Home, the Marion Center, and Little Sisters of the Poor.  Many memories were shared about Chuck, like how he used to bring each one of the sisters a single green carnation, and would never forget to share one of those carnations each year with his 2005 Miss Shamrock, Heather O’Keeffe Schmidt.  While Chuck was on a lot of our minds today, we did not forget all the residents who came to hear some Irish music, and needed a little bit of Irish cheer!  After all, that is the way Chuck would want us to celebrate!  Let’s raise a glass and remember the good times we had with our Mr. Pat, he was a class act and will never be forgotten.