The Greatest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Nation

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a celebration of St. Paul’s Irish heritage and the many Irish clans that still reside in the area today. The Irish pride and spirit runs deep in this town, and it shows each year – lining the streets of downtown St. Paul with Irish and non-Irish alike.
The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is traditionally held on March 17th, unless it falls on a Holy Day or a Sunday, and our association has been sponsoring the parade since 1967. We love celebrating this long-standing tradition with everyone in the Twin Cities and hope to continue doing so for generations to come!

Interested in being a vendor at the parade?
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Apply for a Spot in the 2022 Parade!

Are you a wee bit Irish and the whole clan is lookin’ to take a stroll through the green-lined streets of St. Paul? We are now accepting applications to secure your spot in the 2022 parade on March 17th. Deadline for applications is February 17, 2022.

Here is some need to know information on applying for your spot in the 2022 parade:

  • You will need to complete the form below in full and submit
  • There is a non-refundable $65 application fee. Electronic payment is desired, but should you prefer to pay via check – please send all payments to the address below:
    • Make checks payable to St. Patrick’s Association (Parade)
    • Mail checks to St. Patrick’s Association; c/o Parade Committee; 14156 Upper 54th St. N; Oak Park Heights, MN 55082
  • In order to secure a spot in the parade, both your $65 payment and completed application form below must be received by the association
  • Questions? Please reach out:

Parade Spot Application Form

Electronic Payment

Pay your $65 fee electronically here. Should we be unable to secure you and your clan a spot in lieu of availability, we will return your payment.

More Information with regard to city ordinances, applications and the like.

We ask the participants in this parade to WALK. No motorized vehicles will be permitted.

Non-motorized vehicles, baby buggies, wagons, etc. are permitted.


No person shall, upon the public streets, lanes, or alleys of said City, or being a trespasser upon the private premises of another, drink beer or other intoxicating beverages.

The Association permits no political signs or advertisements, no selling, giving, or throwing of objects, articles, candies, etc. by parade participants.

No person marching in the parade shall be permitted to carry or display or cause to be displayed any sign or other material which identifies him or her as a candidate for any elected or appointed office, or which advocates any position on any topic of public debate.  No person marching in the parade shall distribute any printed advertisement or other material during or immediately before or after the parade, except St Patrick’s Day Buttons. 

Persons who violate this provision will not be permitted to participate and may be removed from the parade at the direction of the Parade Director or any member of the Association.  This will be strictly enforced.

ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY. APPLICATIONS MAILED IN WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Line up information will be emailed the beginning of March and will only be sent to participants once they have paid their application fee. Please provide an email address that will be checked regularly to receive your line up information. If you know anybody that would be interested in being a parade marshal for the parade please email for additional information. Line up location will be determined by a lottery system.


2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Vendor Application Form

The City of St. Paul requires any vendors to provide Proof of Insurance.

Food Vendors must also provide a Minnesota state food license from the Minnesota Department of Health. There are no Peddlers allowed at the parade. If you are a peddler please do not apply to be a vendor. Please submit copies of these required documents to: St. Patrick’s Association 14156 Upper 54th St N Oak Park Heights, MN 55082

Electronic Payment

Pay your $150 fee electronically here. Should we be unable to secure you a vendor spot, we will return your payment.